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I love Workstream and the way that it combines and collects all the applicant’s information, it's very easy. You just see applicant information and it's got all of their quiz results and resume that they have all in one location for you to be able to view electronically.

Kim Blondell (General Manager at Uptown Hounds)


Uptown Hounds (National Veterinary Association)

An affiliate of the National Veterinary Association (NVA), Uptown Hounds is a pet boarding facility run by passionate animal lovers. Here, dog-loving owners can expect lots of tender loving care for their canine friends without a doubt. The facility also provides grooming and day-care services for dogs among others.

girl and dog in pool

Despite the recent pandemic which impacted businesses globally, Uptown Hounds has managed to streamline their process of looking for the best-qualified candidates through Workstream. In turn, this has greatly improved the efficiency in their hiring process. 

What change did they implement to achieve this? Let’s find out.

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Inefficient Hiring Process and Shortage of Staff

Prior to using Workstream, Uptown Hounds dealt with excessive amounts of paperwork due to the need to physically print out contracts, application forms and resumes. Aside from that, a lack of a tracking system for applicants also resulted in more time spent looking for the best candidate. As expected, these practices were time-consuming which led to possible opportunity costs since timing is critical in hiring processes.

Manpower also became an area of concern as they had laid off a number of employees due to the pandemic. Once they were able to resume operations, there was an inherent shortage of staff. Needless to say, the urgency to find qualified candidates was higher than ever before and they needed to fill the open job roles as quickly as possible. 

The existing hiring practices of Uptown Hounds were overly time-consuming and did not provide them the help they needed, especially in a challenging time like the COVID-19 pandemic.


Centralized Dashboard and Organized Hiring Tools

Kim Blondell, General Manager at Uptown Hounds, decided to lead the charge and explore her options to streamline their hiring process. For her, the priority was to promptly fill up vacant job positions at the resort without compromising on candidate quality. The dedicated Workstream Customer Success Team partnered with Kim and together, came up with the following solutions for the company.

NVA workstream dashboard

  • Screening of candidates via customized quiz questions. This allowed NVA to filter for the best candidate and also save time manually tracking applicants’ qualifications
  • Automating the HR process such that immediate contact is established to a potential candidate
  • Consolidation of applicant information to better understand the candidates suitability for a role
  • Integration with job boards like Monster, Indeed and Facebook allowing for a larger reach to candidates

nva workstream applicant tracking


Streamlined Hiring Process with Time Efficiency

Since working with us, Kim and her team have managed to produce the following results:

  • 40% conversion rate in hiring candidates from interviews held
  • Candidate application within 24 hours
  • Candidate first interview in 3 days
  • New hires within 10 days of application
  • Better quality applicants through screening procedures

As seen from the data above, Kim and her team have managed to improve their hiring processes tremendously by tapping into our resources and expertise, saving time and costs for the business. 

nva workstream hiring analytics

To sum it up: Having an efficient process when hiring is important to your business, especially during a challenging period of economic uncertainty. With Workstream, Uptown Hound was able to improve their hiring process amidst this trying period while successfully getting quality results.

nva uptown hounds staff

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