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Workstream has changed the way we hire and onboard. The platform has made it so much easier to track who we have hired and the ease of usability is next level. Workstream is great knowing that I can track my District Managers when they schedule interviews. The hiring process just became automated.

Sagar Patel, President of Sagar Holding Corporation, Wingstop



With a promise “to serve the world flavor”, Wingstop pride themselves on the tastes their chicken wings impart ever since they opened their restaurant in 1994. Born from its humble beginnings as a small chicken wing restaurant in Texas, the acclaimed brand has come a long way with its menu offerings. Originally serving only 8 flavors, Wingstop now has 11 flavors under their belts, excluding a few other limited-time offerings.

Branded as the #1 wings in America, the fast-food chain had to quickly expand its operations to meet the demands of its consumers. In fact, their exponential growth resulted in them having over 1,000 Wingstop franchises in the US alone. This expansion called for more manpower and the hiring managers soon realized the importance of making their hiring process more efficient.

With Workstream, Wingstop is able to hire a quality candidate within 24 hours, preventing any staffing issues. How did they do it? 

wingstop location


Lack of Applicant Tracking System and High Turnover Rate

As with many other expanding businesses, Wingstop had to hire more staff to ensure that their operations are able to run smoothly. However, the influx of applicants made it nearly impossible for hiring managers to properly filter their candidates. Furthermore, the high turnover rate in the Wingstop franchises meant that they had to spend more time finding candidates to fill out the vacant positions in the restaurant. Needless to say, they had to find quality prospective employees fast.


Centralized Dashboard and Organized Hiring Tools

After learning of Wingstop’s hiring concerns, Workstream assisted with their hiring process via these solutions:

  • An all-in-one applicant dashboard allows hiring managers to easily track and review the candidates’ application process. With this top applicant tracking software, they are also able to individually tailor the process of different candidates.

wingstop workstream dashboard

  • Workstream’s integration with 25,000 job boards makes it easier and faster to upload job postings on multiple career platforms.

  • Workstream uses smart screening to pick out the most suitable candidates, based on the qualities Wingstop is looking for in their hourly workers. As a result, hiring managers save precious time since they do not have to personally go through the resume of every applicant.

  • Workstream’s automated SMS reminders and 2-way texting help in reducing no-shows and ease the process of scheduling interviews with their candidates.

wingstop ats workstream


Better Quality Applicants and Reduced Time to Hire 

Since utilizing Workstream’s services, Wingstop has seen major improvements in its hiring capabilities:

  • An increase in quality candidates by 70%

  • Time taken to screen candidates is reduced by 2 hours

  • Managed to fill up a vacant shift within 24 hours

  • Minimal effort in the scheduling of interviews

wingstop hiring analytics workstream

To sum it up: Hiring is an arduous task, especially when you’re expanding as fast as Wingstop. Fortunately, by streamlining their hiring process with Workstream, Wingstop was able to nip the problem right in the bud. Hiring is now made easier for the managers, and disruptions of operations due to staffing issues are minimized.

If you, too, are looking for a way to speed up your hiring process, or simply thinking of making it more efficient, schedule a demo with us today! Our hiring experts will share with you how we can best meet your needs.