Burger King

As with every other quick-service restaurant, Burger King experienced a shortage of workers due to the pandemic and was having difficulty staffing its restaurants. Fortunately, after using Workstream for two months, Burger King’s Operator, Kevin Camp, is able to see more applicants for his restaurants and could onboard them faster than ever before. Thanks to Workstream’s automation tools, his managers were able to swiftly follow up with prospective employees, allowing his restaurants to be properly staffed as the industry is opening up again.

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firehouse subs case study

Firehouse Subs

As Firehouse Subs was expanding, it struggled with the lack of staffing for its 9 restaurant locations. So, when Workstream came along, James Blake from Knoxville’s Firehouse Subs grabbed the opportunity in hopes of hiring team members for his restaurant. With 25,000 job board integrations, Workstream allowed him to cast a wider net for job candidates. Thanks to their automated solutions, James managed to receive an influx of quality applicants and recruit the staff he needed successfully.

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jersey mike's subs testimonial

Jersey Mike's Subs

Before Gary from Jersey Mike’s Subs started using Workstream, he had to deal with a lot of candidates who ended up not showing up for their interviews. Thanks to Workstream’s automated hiring tools, not only has the number of no-shows reduced but it has also improved their interviewing and hiring processes. Most importantly, Workstream's automation features, such as automated scheduling and text reminders, have made it much easier for him to manage his restaurant.

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chicken salad chick testimonial

Chicken Salad Chick

Overseeing 3 restaurants and being responsible for almost 100 employees is no easy feat. Before Workstream, Jen of Chicken Salad Chick would spend 2 hours a day just to create job posts, review applicants and reach out to them to set up interviews. Now, with Workstream’s automated screening, filtering, scheduling, and text reminders, she saves 12 hours a week and no longer has to deal with no-shows. For Jen, being able to interview everybody who applies to her restaurant while saving substantial time is what makes Workstream the go-to hiring tool.

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Five Guys Case Study With Text

Five Guys

With multiple franchise locations under his belt, Brian Charyn of Five Guys faced the challenge of lacking oversight into individual location’s hiring progress and being unable to keep up with the high turnover rates. Ever since he implemented Workstream across all his stores, he has been able to automate his entire hiring process. From sourcing for applicants to automated screening, filtering, and onboarding new hires digitally. Since then, he's received a constant influx of applicants to keep up with the high turnover rate of the QSR industry.

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jimmy johns hire with workstream

Jimmy John's

Zach Kane and Jason Poe, franchise owners of Jimmy John's, share how Workstream helped them streamline their hiring through the use of text messaging, virtual interviews and digital onboarding. With Workstream, Jimmy John's is able to hire twice as fast as before. Find out why Jimmy John's chooses to use Workstream's innovative applicant tracking system to streamline their hiring process.

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Wingstop Case Study


Learn how Wingstop has partnered with Workstream to streamline their hiring process, allowing them to interview more candidates, faster, with better results; as well as providing a digital onboarding system that helps get employees acclimated to their stores in the shortest amount of time.

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Chick-Fil-A Case Study With Text-1


With Utah having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, it was hard to source for applicants. Yet in just the first 2 months that Chick-fil-A has been with Workstream, they published 4 new positions. Within the first week, they noted a marked increase in qualified applicants and saved 50% of the time previously spent on hiring.

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Cinnabon increase applicants


A total of 116 applicants applied for the 32 positions 13th Floor/Pilot published via Workstream in just 7 days. They saw their hiring process become faster, saving them twice as much time. They’ve also seen a higher applicant rate and a drop in no-show rates.

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Jack in the box gets quality candidates with workstream

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box has been with Workstream for the past 4 months, and has published 4 job postings since. They chose Workstream for two main value propositions we offered: quality job postings across multiple boards and getting in quality candidates

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Curry up now having qualified hourly workers

Curry Up Now

In just a week, hundreds of applicants used Workstream’s self-scheduling feature to book their own interviews, helping Curry Up Now save time and money. Using Workstream has had a significant impact on how they go about hiring and sourcing qualified hourly workers.

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Pieology reduce no show rate


A Pieology franchise utilized the Workstream hiring platform to streamline their recruitment. They saw more interviews scheduled, reduced their no-show rate, and were able to process 73 applications in a week. 

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The Halal Guys significantly increase their qualified applicants

The Halal Guys

Workstream has effectively helped The Halal Guys significantly increase their qualified applicants. Our automated features also helped them save them hours in an otherwise time-consuming hiring process.

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Tin Pot Creamery oversight to hiring

Tin Pot Creamery

Working with Workstream, Tin Pot Creamery managed to increase their applicants in just one week and gained more oversight of their hiring process. Overall, their hiring process has been greatly streamlined by utilizing a comprehensive hiring platform, saving them time and money.

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Coupa Cafe increase efficiency in hiring

Coupa Cafe

As Workstream’s first client, Coupa Cafe has been with us for almost two years. They have not only increased applications but have gotten better quality applicants, lowered no-show rates, and have improved the efficiency of their hiring process.

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Grocery Outlet having greater hiring efficency

Grocery Outlet

Pleasant Hill Grocery Outlet has been a client of Workstream for the past 7 months. In this short period, they have managed to see an 81% increase in quality applicants. They also saved 75% of the time spent on hiring weekly, increasing efficiency by 200%. 

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Sports Basement saves time on hiring

Sports Basement

Within a week of using Workstream, Sports Basement received 277 applications for the 27 positions they posted. They saw more interviews scheduled, more qualified applicants showing up, and saved on total hiring time due to Worstream’s automated process.

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