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Who's Still Hiring in 2020 - A Bloomberg Interview with Workstream's CEO

  • By: Workstream
  • On Jun 9, 2020 3:00:00 PM
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Who's Still Hiring in 2020 - A Bloomberg Interview with Workstream's CEO

Workstream was recently in the news again, with Bloomberg's Emily Chang recently interviewing our co-founder and CEO on her daily show, Bloomberg Technology. Desmond shared his interpretation of the l...

Hiring Numbers and the (Disputed) May Jobs Report

The May jobs report is in and any way you slice it, it’s jaw dropping.

Crisis Communication Webinar: How Assisted Living Companies Innovate in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic may still be in full force and its effects felt all over the world in the form of a vast employment downturn - but for certain industries, business is booming. Those in health...

Key Communications Tips For Assisted Living Facilities During Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus has undoubtedly created a sense of panic amongst the general population. Such an unprecedented occurrence has given way to anxiety, as people are scrambling to find ways ...

Should I Furlough My Employees? 5 Tips Business Owners Should Know

This article was originally published on Entrepreneur, and is adapted from Desmond's original guest post.  The term "furlough" comes from the dutch word verlof, which originally referred to the leave ...

Workstream Weekly: Hiring on the Rise, Remote as the New Norm, & More

“True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Product Updates: New Integration, Remote Onboarding, Trackable Posts

We heard you - and our team of developers and engineers have been hard at work implementing exciting changes to the Workstream end-to-end hiring platform. Based on your recruiting challenges and feedb...

Q&A with Laura Huang, Author of Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

We talked to author and Harvard Business School professor, Laura Huang, about her new book titled "Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage." In this insightful discussion, we learn about how to tweak p...

Q&A with Workstream Co-Founder and CPO Lei Xu

In today’s Influencer Series feature, we turn the spotlight on another of the creative minds behind Workstream, co-founder and CPO Lei Xu. Early in his career, Lei helped build a sales recommendation ...

What’s the Best Job for You: Benefits of Hourly vs Salaried Jobs

Picking the right job can sometimes be confusing. There are tons of different factors to consider: potential workload, company culture, benefits, growth opportunities, and so much more. There’s also t...

Indeed + Workstream: How to Leverage One of the World's Best Job Boards

If there’s one job board out there that you should make the most out of, it’s Indeed. Not convinced? Let’s run through some facts. is one of the most frequently used job boards in the world...

Workstream Weekly: Remote Working, Video Interviews, and Building Better Jobs

“Allowing employees to work remotely is a core business strategy today... We need to de-parent, de-gender, and de-age the perception of the flexible worker.” - Cali Williams Yost