"Screening for quality hire is of great importance to us, reputation is key in this industry. With a tedious hiring flow, I need all information in one dashboard for quick reference - that is Workstream."

Jaron Hall, Founder and (former) Owner of Utah Maids


Utah Maids

Utah Maids is a professional home and business cleaning service founded in 2015 to help customers choose from a large pool of cleaners, so that they can hire the best-suited one for their homes or businesses. With Utah Maids, customers get modern features that are standard with today's online commerce platforms like Amazon and Airbnb, in an outdated industry of house cleaning.

Utah Maids was able to source 150 qualified applicants within the first month of using Workstream - how did they achieve this?

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Inefficient Hiring Management Tools

As Utah Maids grew, they needed staff for day-to-day tasks like customer service and employee management. They continued to grow rapidly, cleaning over 1,000 homes within 18 months. However, they were still using outdated methods for their recruitment and tracking, such as Google forms, spreadsheets, and manually emailing candidates. It was too inefficient a process.

To meet the rise in demand, Utah Maids needed an applicant tracking software (ATS) to automate recruitment and hire the right employees, fast.


Centralized Dashboard and Customizable Hiring Tools

Utah Maids then chanced upon Workstream, which served as the ultimate ATS that they were looking for:

  • To hire faster, Utah Maids leveraged upon Workstream's customized application forms and smart screening to automatically reject unsuitable applicants.

  • Utah Maids was able to modernize its onboarding process with easily accessible video training so that new hires onboard independently and get started right away.

Utah Maids Workstream Dashboard


Reduced Hiring Time and Better Quality Applicants

The results are undeniable - and Utah Maids is now enjoying the benefits of utilizing Workstream’s all-in-one automated recruitment system.

  • 200% reduction in time spent on hiring.

  • Received 150 qualified candidates within the first month of using Workstream

Utah Maids Job Application

In summary: Utah Maids experienced a lot of hiring challenges as they grew by leaps and bounds. With Workstream’s help, they were able to zero in on specific problem areas and resolve them one by one. 

Utah Maids Workstream Analytics

A faster, more efficient hiring process is within your reach too. Get a free demo of Workstream’s intuitive and customizable hiring platform today.