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Workstream has been a great asset in streamlining our talent acquisition process, and saved us a ton of time!

Bill Fry, Vice President of Restaurant Support Services at A&W



Roy W. Allen served cups of ice, cool rootbeer to the crowd celebrating the homecoming of local World War I heroes in 1919, and this was the humble beginning of A&W restaurant. What started off as a Root Beer stand in 1919 eventually blossomed into one of the biggest and most popular restaurant chains, with over 625 restaurants across America.

A&W, short for Allen (Roy W. Allen) and Wright (Frank Wright), signifies the partnership between the two who came together to open their first restaurant in Sacramento, California, back in 1923. A&W Franchises and G.I. loans fueled the high magnitude growth of stores before Allen eventually sold the operation to A&W Root Beer Co. This was gradually followed by international expansion, the birth of their original Bacon Cheeseburger, and even an introduction of their brand ambassador, Rooty the Great Root Bear.

Apart from breaking the world's largest Root Beer Float record in 1999, A&W has also managed to achieve an incredible feat with over 1,000 restaurants in operation, worldwide. After surviving the Great Depression, Great Recession, and other economic downturns, A&W has demonstrated great resilience over centuries. Right now, even in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, A&W continues to power through with double-digit sales in 2020. 

What is the answer to their resilience and ability to prosper even in such trying times? 

a&w drive through


Inefficient Hiring Process

Lack of Applicant Tracking System 

With increasing safety measures and regulations put in place, there was a need to look into their previous hiring processes and adapt them accordingly, such as scheduling online interviews or ensuring sufficient safety protocols within the stores. With the hiring team focused on pivoting and implementing changes in the hiring process, they were unable to fully manage the scheduling and interview process as efficiently as before.

High Rate of Ghosting

There was a need for A&W to mass hire workers to cope with the rising demand brought about by the increase in sales. However, apart from the low applicant volumes, they were also experiencing a high volume of ghosting, which ended up wasting their already limited time and resources.

A&W had to find a way to manage these issues, which were crucial in helping them to find their footing and thrive in the QSR business amidst the pandemic. 


Digitized Processes and Organized Hiring Tools

Video Resumes and Automated Scheduling

With Workstream's smart screening and video resume features, hiring managers are now able to maximize their time in reviewing candidates. Instead of having to meet each candidate individually, and screening through thousands of resumes, they can now determine the suitability of each candidate through their video resumes. These are more accurate representations of each candidate's personality, and also reduces the instances where both parties have to meet, in light of safe-distancing measures.

a&w workstream dashboard

A streamlined feed provides managers with a consolidated list of new applicants, walk-ins, or referrals who have applied via the SMS link or even notifications from existing employees. They are then able to view applications seamlessly on both email and Workstream's mobile application, where they can review and recommend candidates, or add interview and training notes. 

a&w workstream ats

Automated scheduling also allows managers to move candidates along the different stages of the talent acquisition process seamlessly. Candidates are instantly notified via a text message when there is a change in interview status, together with a link to the manager's Google Calendar, which allows for ease in setting up interviews.

Integrated Job Boards and SMS Reminders

By providing job board integrations, hiring managers are now able to post across 25,000 job boards and view all applicants within a single dashboard. This saves time in copying and pasting to different career portals. It also gives them access to a diverse pool of candidates across these different job portals, which increases the chances of finding talents with relevant skill sets.

Furthermore, SMS reminders are sent out to candidates before interviews, with 2-way texting to reschedule. This ensures that candidates are constantly reminded about their interview. Not only does this reduce ghosting, but candidates are also able to reschedule the interview to a time of their convenience on the hiring manager's calendar, saving time for both parties. 


Streamlined Hiring Process and Reduced No-Show Rates

Through their utilization of Workstream, A&W saved 3 hours per candidate in the applicant screening process and saw a significant fall in no-show rates by 60%. They were also able to save time on the job posting, and maintain a low turnover rate of 70% with A&W's hiring of quality candidates that are in line with their branding.

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Like A&W, you will be able to propel your QSR to greater heights too, if you know how to use the right tools and features to your advantage! Schedule a chat with us today to find out more.