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"Workstream has not just helped automate the entire tedious process of hiring, they have also helped me cut down on my expenses."

Jacob Reitzin, Founder of Dude I Need A Truck


Dude I Need A Truck

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Dude I Need A Truck is a fast-growing logistics company that hires hundreds of drivers and movers who own trucks. The company was created out of the increasing demand of people who need assistance with a one-off transport of a large item that was too big to fit in a car, but found typical transport services too much of a hassle. The company connects customers to a DUDE who helps them move their items. 

Though initially plagued with issues with their hiring process, with Workstream’s help they experienced an increase in quality applicants and reduced hiring expenses. What did they do to achieve this?


Tedious Recruitment 

Hiring drivers and movers is one of the most important components of the service that Dude I Need A Truck offers to all its customers. However, their recruitment process was time-consuming, and they needed to hire a large volume of people. The turnover rate among drivers in the industry was also high.

Furthermore, they used Typeform to gather information and manually send out forms whenever they needed to collect information or screen applicants. Given the rapid rate by which the team was growing, this process was incredibly inefficient.


Timesaving Process

Dude I Need A Truck was thrilled that they could cut down the number of steps in their process, and that there was a wide selection of steps they could automate. Working hand in hand with Workstream to address their specific challenges, here’s what they did:

  • The Workstream platform helped to automate a large part of the hiring process such as communicating and screening job applicants through the various functions of SMS, quizzes, and workflows.
  • Through personalized quizzes and filters, Dude I Need A Truck was able to screen applicants efficiently and only vet those that made it through their prerequisites.
  • Communicating and screening of applicants became more efficient through the use of SMS automation. This also provides a mobile-friendly online signing process and allows the brand to respond to applicants on the same day.


Simplified and Cost-effective Hiring

Ever since they started using Workstream, Dude I Need A Truck has not only noticed an improvement in their hiring, but they also managed to save costs:

  • Saved up to 75% of hiring cost per month
  • Reduced the time taken to hire by 50%
  • Experienced a 200% increase in quality applicants

To sum it up: With Workstream’s help, Dude I Need A Truck was able to shorten the hiring process and make it more efficient by leveraging our technology to automate certain tasks. They also ended up hiring better candidates and were able to cut back on costs in the process.

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