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“Workstream is working perfectly for us, we are getting so many more applicants and the software is more intuitive than our last system!”

Chelsea, Head of HR at Seven Peaks


Seven Peaks

The hospitality industry is vast, with an estimated 16 million people employed in 2019. One of the main components of the hospitality business is recreation, as the US has over 600 amusement parks scattered across its states. A familiar name in the water park industry is Seven Peaks, founded in 1989 by owner Victor Borcherds.

As Seven Peaks added more and more attractions, they faced a problem: how to hire the right candidates to fill the rapidly-increasing roles they had to offer. Workstream stepped in to help, and Seven Peaks filled 90% of their hiring needs by leveraging the Workstream platform. What strategies did they use?


Growing Pains and Unqualified Applicants

As Seven Peaks expanded, they needed to hire more to sustain their operations and efficiency. From lifeguards to park managers, they were getting more applicants everyday, but were unable to manage them effectively. Seven Peak's biggest pain point was not being able to filter out applicants who were not even qualified from the start. Their HR was spending too much time going through irrelevant applicant profiles. 

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Customized Solutions and Automatic Filtering

As Seven Peaks grew, Workstream grew with them, developing new features to provide a one-stop HR tool for them to centralize all their hiring activities:

  • Seven Peaks could automatically reject non-certified applicants without having to spend an excessive amount of time screening each one, using customized application forms.

  • By filtering through the clutter of applications received regularly, Seven Peaks was able to ensure that only the qualified applicants were being sent to them for review.

  • Seven Peaks managed to leverage upon smart screening that allows for easy scheduling for interviews. Their HR team was able to cut the time they spend communicating with and screening job applicants in half. They also modernized their hiring documentation, moving out of Google spreadsheets and onto an all-in-one hiring dashboard with Workstream.

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Increased Efficiency in Hiring

Were these strategies worth it? The results are clear:

  • 200% reduction in hiring time
  • 90% of their employees hired across 5 different locations
  • Hired 280 out of the 300 employees in 2018, all within 2 months

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In a nutshell: Workstream was able to help Seven Peaks identify their specific hiring challenges, and suggested features that targeted these in order to achieve the optimal results. Through a collaborative process, they managed to create innovative solutions and increase hiring efficiency.

Are you in the recreation or hospitality industry? Workstream has learned the ins and outs of industry-targeted best practices by working with clients such as Marriott, Westin, and Willamette Valley Vineyards. Schedule a demo with us to find out how we can help you, too.