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With an all-in-one hiring dashboard, my hiring team at honestbee can now easily access an applicant’s information and make informed decisions, hiring the right bees in the quickest possible time! Amazing!

Jonathan Ho, Recruitment & Training at honestbee



Honestbee is one of Asia’s best-known online concierge and delivery services, with its distinctive logo and great service. Honestbee harnesses technology, data-fuelled operations, and a strong network of partners to constantly deliver innovative services that delight consumers.

Honestbee founder Joel Sng saw it fit to combine the mission of providing job opportunities with online grocery delivery. To end consumers, Honestbee is just a simple same-day grocery delivery site. But to Joel and his team, Honestbee is more than that. They are providing income opportunities to their concierge shoppers and deliverers.

Honestbee saw marked improvements in their hiring, such as a decrease in time spent on hiring. Let’s find out how they did it.

Image of honestbee grocery shopper who was employed through Workstream's platform


Large Number of Applicants due to Rapid Expansion

In its early days, the idea of honestbee sounded too good to be true, even to its concierge shoppers. If you had the extra time and the means to get around, you could get paid just to shop for other people. But as the team spread the word about their business model, honestbee grew explosively, quickly becoming the go-to platform for on-demand grocery delivery.

With so many positions to fill and manage, honestbee needed an all-in-one hiring dashboard to streamline their onboarding and interview process.


Automated and Customizable Hiring Process

After listening closely to their pain points, we provided them with the following solutions:

  • With Workstream, the recruitment team at Honestbee was able to customize and streamline their hiring workflow into a 7-step process, from end to end. This helped them cut the time spent on screening for job applicants in half as they leveraged upon two-way SMS, customized quizzes, and automated workflows from Workstream.
  • Workstream allowed applicants to retake quizzes should they have failed in their first attempt and allowed Honestbee's recruitment team to download signed contracts in bulk.
  • Honestbee was able to tap on the convenience of Workstream’s 2-way automated SMS at every stage of the hiring and onboarding process. This allowed them to send applicants customized communication, schedule interviews easily, and automate offers and rejections.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6 (1)

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6


Increased Rate of Hiring

Honestbee was able to achieve the following results after they started working with Workstream:

  • Honestbee received 5,100 applicants within a month of using the platform.
  • In just 2 months, 50 new employees were onboarded.
  • They saved up to 20 hours per week.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6 (2)

In a nutshell: Honestbee was getting overwhelmed by all the growing pains that came along such a quick expansion. Workstream was able to take their specific pain points and address them with intuitive, targeted solutions. 

If you’re struggling to make your hiring process faster, more efficient, and convenient, we’re here to help. Schedule your demo with Workstream today.