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"The speed at which you follow-up with applicants is most important. Workstream's automated text messages helps us get applicants on the interview schedule in a fraction of the time."

Steven Maltz, COO of Jamba's M5 Partners


Jamba and M5 Partners Inc

Founded in 1990, Jamba now has over 850 locations worldwide, and continues to grow their presence worldwide. Workstream helps managers at hundreds of locations across the US, including the franchise group M5 Partners Inc. 

M5 Partners wanted a way to fill roles faster to ensure they were never short-staffed. They also needed a way to see the hiring processes at each of their locations. With Workstream’s help they cut time to hire in half in the first month, and continue to improve as they refine their process.



Difficulty in Sourcing and High No-show Rates

With most of their stores located within the Bay Area where the unemployment rate is 2-3%, M5 Partners Inc found it difficult to look for hourly workers to support their daily operations among the 14 locations. Moreover, they found that many applicants who applied for the job did not turn up for their scheduled interviews. This resulted in a huge drain on time and of human resources for the company.

They wanted an easy to use platform to schedule interviews, send applicant reminders to reduce ghosting, and provide them with insights to optimize their hiring processes. They also cared a lot about speed. "An 18-20 year old already knows where they're willing to work; when they apply jobs, they usually go with whoever contacts them first," explained Steven Maltz, COO of M5 Partners. The ability to send personalized text message as soon as someone applies is a game changer. 

Jamba store interior


Workstream Saves M5 Money on Job Posting and Automates Interview Scheduling

After listening to M5 Partners current process, Workstream provided the following solutions to deal with their specific problems:

  • Text-to-Apply posters to instantly engage with store visitors and save money on job boards.
  • One-click posting to multiple job boards including 10 free job boards. All the data from these various portals funnels into on a single dashboard, so managers can view applicants and identify opportunities to reduce spending.
  • The analytics functionality gave managers the ability track the status of each applicant’s progress to understand where the best applicants came from.
  • Automated text messaging and 2-way texting along with calendar reminders reduced no-show rates. Managers loved how easy it was to see who was confirmed for interviews and how easy it was to reschedule interviews if their schedules changed.

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Improved No-show Rates and Faster Hiring

Jamba branches operated by M5 Partners Inc noted significant improvements in their hiring process:

  • Reduce their no-show rates by 90%.
  • Cut time spent on hiring in half.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 5

In a nutshell: Workstream's customizable stages and innovative features helped M5 Partners get better applicants in the door faster. They were able to save money using text-to-apply posters to hire more applicants there than any job board. 

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