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“Working with Workstream has been exceptional. Using this platform has revolutionized our hiring process.”

Jamey Batch-Robinson, Chief HR Officer at Trust Security & Fire Watch


Trust Security & Fire Watch

Trust Security & Fire Watch is a privately-owned licensed security agency servicing Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. They provide security guards, event staff, and fire watch services, as well as video surveillance and remote guard services. They also ensure the guard services are customized to meet the unique needs of clients, and that their employees are all properly trained and highly qualified for their roles.

Their industry has certain challenges when it comes to recruiting, but working hand in hand with Workstream, they were able to minimize time spent on hiring by honing and streamlining their recruitment process.

trust security and fire watch


High No-show Rates and Inefficient Job Posting

Before working with us, Trust Security & Fire Watch experienced a high no-show rate of 45%. Applicants who were scheduled for interviews simply weren’t pushing through. This was a sign that the candidates shortlisted weren’t the best fit for the company in the first place. In addition to that, Trust Security & Fire Watch was posting to several job boards individually, as they lacked a system that could post to multiple job boards simultaneously.

Because of these issues, Trust Security & Fire Watch spent too much time on the hiring process - hours that could have been much better spent on other operational activities.


Centralized Applicant Tracking System and Better Screening Process

Jamey Batch-Robinson, Chief HR Operations Officer at Trust Security & Fire Watch, shared that they had looked into other hiring platforms before finally choosing Workstream. Some of the deciding factors were the superlative customer support and the system’s ease of use. After discussing with their team to understand their hiring challenges, Workstream provided them with the corresponding solutions, in the form of our software’s features.

Trust Security Workstream Dashboard

  • Our centralized dashboard serves as an applicant tracking system (ATS) which allows them to view all the applicants’ information in one location.

  • Workstream is also integrated with 24 job boards. This allows Trust Security & Fire Watch to cast a wider net and reach out to a larger number of potential applicants. This also meant that Trust Security & Fire Watch saved a lot of time as they could post job openings to all boards simultaneously.
  • Trust Security & Fire Watch could create customized screening questions to help them filter for the best candidates.
  • Onboarding documents could also be digitized so that new hires can get onboarded anytime and anywhere and start work sooner. 
  • Workstream is also integrated with your personal calendar. This allows interviewees to select the best time slot for an interview. They will also receive an automated SMS reminder for the interview to reduce no-show rates.

trust security and fire watch message applicants on workstream


Reduced Time Spent on Hiring and Higher Interview Rate

Workstream was able to help Trust Security & Fire Watch achieve these results:

  • They were able to reduce no-show rates by 44%, with more and more applicants showing up for crucial interviews

  • They saved 75% of the original time spent posting on job portals

  • 60 more qualified hires were made since using Workstream

trust security hiring positions

In a nutshell: Teamwork is always a great way to move past challenges - and it holds true in this case. With Workstream’s help, Trust Security & Fire Watch has been able to gain back some of the time spent doing endless paperwork and monotonous hiring tasks, enabling them to focus on what matters most to them: ensuring that they provide the quality services that their customers are looking for.

Workstream can help you, too - schedule a chat with us so we can provide you with customized solutions for all your hiring needs.