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What is an Applicant Tracking System? Complete Guide 2021

  • By: Robert Woo
  • On Nov 29, 2022 1:05:22 AM
35 min read

What is an Applicant Tracking System? Complete Guide 2021

Hiring has come a long way since “Help Wanted” signs and handshakes. Today, as companies move faster and rely more on digital solutions, hiring managers have access to powerful software that can help ...

Why Big Companies Are Lifting The Hiring Freeze

Chains are on a Hiring Spree Some good news this week as medical experts are hopeful about the announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine that is more than 90% effective. Even better news is that a second com...

5 Ways Pizza Chains Can Prepare for a COVID-19 Winter

 This article was originally published on Pizza Marketplace, and is adapted from Robert's guest post. 

Latest Restaurant Innovation: Outdoor Dining During Winter

"Winter Dining Challenge" Winners Last month, we mentioned that the city of Chicago was sponsoring a "Winter Dining Challenge" to crowdsource ideas for outdoor dining solutions that may help strugglin...

US Human Resource and Hiring Trends - Fall 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the restaurant industry in 2020 as more and more cities see hundreds of locations furloughing staff and closing permanently. However, for the Quick Service...

How Restaurants Are Racing To Increase Their Profitability

Really Fast Food Turning a profit during the ongoing pandemic has proven difficult for restaurants with limited seating capacity. When seating is at a premium, what can locations do to earn more reven...

Oct 2020 Restaurant News: Coronavirus Dine-In Restrictions

"Is it Secret? Is it Safe?" Actually, it's no secret that restaurants are hurting due to the strict restrictions still in place in most states. You don't get people literally carrying a coffin to the ...

The Future of Work: HR Trends and Restaurant News 2021

Predicting how restaurants will change. After a certain world-changing event in 2001, the airline industry changed forever. One thing we remember are the temporary food and beverage kiosks in all the ...

Why Domino's Is Mass Hiring While Pizza Hut Isn't

Is Domino's eating Pizza Hut's lunch? It's like the pizza wars of the 90's, but a lot less fun due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Around the same time that Domino's announced plans to hire anoth...

Innovation, Virtual Hiring Processes & 1.8m New Jobs

502,000 restaurant jobs added in July. According to the latest jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the restaurant industry benefited from gaining over half a million jobs, of the 1.8 millio...

Employment Surge After Unemployment Benefits Slash

Restaurant hiring will start heating up. For the restaurants that have remained open through the pandemic, hiring has paradoxically been a challenge. But one major reason people are choosing not to wo...

How Restaurants can Innovate and Outlast the Pandemic

A time to innovate? The restaurant industry hasn't seen this level of upheaval since perhaps the dawn of fast food. The ongoing pandemic has been devastating to most business sectors, but food and hos...