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Digital Transformation: How Wingstop is Thriving during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit restaurants hard. It seems like everyday, another chain is posting record low numbers or even filing bankruptcy. With most people afraid to step out of their home...

July Hiring Trend - Employment Surge After Unemployment Benefits Slash

Restaurant hiring will start heating up. For the restaurants that have remained open through the pandemic, hiring has paradoxically been a challenge. But one major reason people are choosing not to wo...

How Restaurants can Innovate to Adapt and Outlast the Pandemic

A time to innovate? The restaurant industry hasn't seen this level of upheaval since perhaps the dawn of fast food. The ongoing pandemic has been devastating to most business sectors, but food and hos...

How the US Created 4.9 Million New Jobs and Reduced Unemployment

“If all the economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion." - George Bernard Shaw (main attribution)

Workstream Weekly: How the US Can Recover 40% of Our Lost Jobs

“That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife." - Mick Dundee

Workstream Weekly: Which Jobs Are Considered Pandemic-Proof in 2020

“True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced. A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed." - Tom Robbins

Workstream Weekly: Reasons why some jobs won't return, and how Amazon hired 175,000 workers

“We believe that if men have the talent to invent new machines that put men out of work, they have the talent to put those men back to work." - John F. Kennedy

Workstream Weekly: Job Demand Data for Public and Private Sectors May 2020

“Public sector employees are the eyes and ears on the ground for the communities they serve." - James P. Hoffa

Hiring Numbers and the (Disputed) May Jobs Report

The May jobs report is in and any way you slice it, it’s jaw dropping.

Workstream Weekly: Hiring on the Rise, Remote as the New Norm, & More

“True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Workstream Weekly: Remote Working, Video Interviews, and Building Better Jobs

“Allowing employees to work remotely is a core business strategy today... We need to de-parent, de-gender, and de-age the perception of the flexible worker.” - Cali Williams Yost

New Feature Announcement: WOTC Integration

Workstream is proud to announce a new integration with that will help employers take better advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) when hiring new employees.