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    Restaurant Hiring | 7 min read

    Hiring Secrets from Dusty, Chick-fil-A Franchisee: Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Dusty Pyne, a Chick-fil-A franchise owner with multiple locations, started using Workstream to help him find more qualified candidates. He now gets 4x as many applicants.

    The average industry turnover rate is 130% (Source: CNBC), yet, Dusty was able to have a turnover rate of only 60%, less than half the industry average.

    In this webinar, we share the secrets to Dusty's hiring process and how they utilize Workstream to its maximum potential. 


    Workstream Demo - Job Boards

    (03:45 - 06:55)

    • Dusty's Chick-fil-A locations (American Fork and Lehi Pointe) are leading in the industry in terms of the quality of candidates they’ve retain, as well as the sheer amount of applications they’ve been able to go through.
    • Dusty is posting their job openings to: Indeed, Google, Facebook Jobs, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Jooble, JobisJob etc
    • This allows them to receive hundreds and thousands of applicants each month.
    • Dusty is able to get in front of millennials by communicating with them in the method they prefer - text messaging. With Workstream, they are able to send out both automated text messaging and direct messaging

    Workstream Demo - Hiring Process

    (06:56 - 09:30)

    • Once an applicant apply, they’ll receive an automated message acknowledging the application, creating an immediate contact.
    • Dusty can then proceed and send a list of screening questions (e.g. academic qualifications, previous job experiences etc) for applicants to answer.
    • A tip from Dusty's screening question: Asking a question about the availability of a reliable means of transportation to work can save hiring managers a lot of time from filtering through unqualified candidates. By not having a reliable means of transportation to get to work every day, these applicants probably will have trouble showing up.
    • Dusty typically include lots of screening questions that aren't easily viewable from a typical resume.
    • One of the benefits of screening questions is the ability of hiring managers to see how interested the applicants are.

    Workstream Demo - Scheduling

    (09:31 - 13:26)

    • Those who pass the screening questions will be moved on to the next stage – interview scheduling.
    • Successful candidates will be sent a text message to ask them to schedule an interview.
    • Candidates are more likely to choose companies are willing to take the time out to set up the next step and moving them forward
    • Applicants will get a step-by-step guide via their phones or computer (depending on which they are using to apply) to take them through the entire hiring process until the point when they know that they’ll be coming in for an interview.
    • Workstream's automation tool allows you to customize features such as the amount of time before an employer will wait before a text reminder is sent to the applicant.
    • Dusty, Franchise Owner, had no shows before. But with the automatic reminders, he was able to drop the no-show rates by 50%.

    (24:30 - 27:28)

    • Hiring managers can link their calendars to Workstream. Applicants can then specify which positions they want and for which time slot they want to be interviewed.
    • Other customizations for this feature include setting of the number of applicants per available slot for group interviews. Setting more than one person per slot can help address the ghosting issue.
    • Dusty has also set up culture documents to tell applicants what the brand is about to give them more information to prepare and get excited for the interview. It can also help applicants screen themselves out if they feel that they aren’t a good fit for the team.

    Workstream Demo - Paperwork

    (13:27 - 16:52)

    • You can upload forms that require filling up onto Workstream where you can get a centralized view of all of them.
    • You can also send them all out simultaneously and get them back as efficiently as possible via the automated text reminder function.
    • Workstream allows for a lot more customization. For instance, Dusty creates different tracks for people with different long-term career goals and experiment with different sides of the business. Some franchises have 20 different training programs for people to complete on their own schedule. This is all tracked on Workstream so that managers can see who is taking initiative and is ready to be given more responsibilities.
    • Our 24/7 Customer Success team will help you set up your accounts and get you going in a few minutes. Our goal is to save you as much time as possible.

    Workstream Demo - Text/Scan-to-apply

    (16:53 - 21:28)

    • We have posters with QR codes and phone numbers which can be posted inside the stores, on windows or at drive-throughs.
    • Scanning the QR code will send them a text message with a link to your job site to see available positions.
    • During communication with the applicant, you can also pause the automated text function and respond to the queries that they have. It is important for them to know that there is a person who is able to respond quickly.


    1. How many job boards can you post to?
      • 18 job boards from within Workstream. There's no need to copy and paste information over and over again when uploading to a different job board. When applicants apply, they go to the same dash board. There is a mix of paid and free job boards and you are able to get more out of the free job boards.
    2. Where is Dusty spending money on job boards? Or are they spending money at all?
      • They mostly utilize the free job board tools built into Workstream at no additional cost. If they ever see a drop in the number of applicants coming in, they can opt to pay for ad clicks on Indeed or Craigslist, and so forth. But most locations are currently not doing it as they are receiving enough applicants through the free job board—they used to do more on the paid job boards because they couldn’t post to as many at the same time. With Workstream, they are able to cast a wider net and target multiple job boards at once, and that has been able to fill the gap and prevent them from spending more money.
    3. How do the applicants answer all these questions?
      • They receive all the questions right after they send in their application. Generally, they are doing pretty well in answering all the questions. If they don’t, the software will send an automated text with a link to nudge them to finish all screening questions and move on to the next stage.This is super important as certain steps in the hiring process used to get lost due to reasons such as forms not being filled up. Workstream makes sure that everything you need filled up is done so.
    4. Can we add any type of PDF for on-boarding?
      • Yes, you will be able to upload any PDF forms that need signing and training handbooks. All these will get sent to them after you have conducted the interview.
    5. Can you do two-way texting after they apply?
      • Yes! You can directly message them or choose the automated text function. Doing it through our system also prevents applicants from obtaining the personal numbers of hiring managers.
    6. Does Chick-fil-A do background checks?
      • Yes. It’s a franchise-by-franchise discretion. Workstream is integrated with Checkr, a background check tool. For whichever candidate you want to conduct background checks on, it is all streamlined, and you can get results any time from 24 to 48 hours.
    7. How long does it (Workstream) take to set up?
      • Depends on how long it takes to set up your account. But we have pre-existing templates built into accounts which you can later customize to your hiring needs. Any time between 30 mins to an hour, nothing too long.
    8. Does Workstream work for non-fast food chains?
      • Yes. Brands from fast food to hospitality and casinos and grocery stores are using Workstream. We can definitely help anyone that is looking to hire hourly workers.
    9. Where is Workstream based?
      • San Francisco with a team in Utah. We focus primarily on the U.S. but also serve clients all over the world.
    10. We hire a lot of Spanish-speaking folks. Can Workstream help?
      • Workstream is integrated with Google translate so we can help you hire and onboard in pretty much any language. 

    If you have ideas for future webinars, please email info@workstream.is - we'd love to hear from you!

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