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11 best free job posting sites

11 best free job posting sites

Your business is only as strong as its employees. Yet, finding new, qualified candidates isn’t always easy:

  • More than 3 in 4 hiring managers say attracting high-quality job candidates is their greatest challenge.
  • Employers can lose up to 89% of their candidates if their screening process is too long.
  • Companies that create a strong candidate experience can increase the quality of their candidates by 70%.

Hiring and retaining top talent is all about making it easier for your team and your candidates. Luckily, there are resources available that can help you work smarter, not harder, as you build your dream team.

How can I post a job without paying?

Wondering where to post jobs for free?

In 2023, you don’t have to pay to play in the job recruiting arena. But as you’ll find out in this guide, there are limitations to this. Most free job posting sites offer free and paid account options. Free usage ranges in both features and access, with some platforms offering as little as one free posting. Yet, features like hiring metrics, application tracking, and unlimited job postings can only be accessed through premium memberships or sponsored job ads.

Still, there are several free job posting sites and job posting templates that can jumpstart your search without requiring a steep investment.

11 Free Job Posting Sites

As an employer, you always strive to find the best talent for your organization. However, searching for talented individuals can be quite difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don't know where to begin.

Fortunately, there are several job posting sites and job posting examples available that can assist you in this endeavor. But with so many job posting sites to choose from, how do you know which one to use?

The best job posting sites and aggregators for you depend on your organization’s unique needs. To make your job as an employer easier, we've compiled a list of the pros and cons of some of the best free job posting sites as of April 2023:

1. Indeed

With over 300 million unique monthly visitors, 245 million resumes uploaded, and 790 million total ratings and reviews, Indeed comes out on top as the #1 job site.

As an employer, you can post jobs on Indeed for free, with no hidden costs. But as one of the most popular free job posting sites, it’s no stranger to tough competition.

  • Its high volume of users increases your reach and candidate pool.
  • Indeed offers free hiring tools for employers, such as job skill assessments and tests.
  • Ideal for large-scale hiring initiatives.
  • It works for full-time, part-time, and contract positions.

  • High volume of users = High volume of competition.
  • Some job types aren’t eligible for free unlimited postings.
  • Finding quality candidates on Indeed without sponsoring your job post can be difficult.
  • It’s not recommended for attracting high-level candidates.

2. Handshake

Looking for new grads? Handshake is one of the unique free job posting sites that doubles as a networking platform. It allows employers to interact with students and new graduates. You can connect and post job listings for free.

Handshake advocates for supporting diverse candidates, with over 12 million active students and alumni on the platform.

  • Easily set up virtual interviews with candidates.
  • It’s great for filling entry-level and remote open jobs.
  • You can join virtual networking events to find new candidates.
  • Not beneficial for mid or senior-level positions.
  • You’ll need a premium membership to source quality candidates, check into events, access analytics, and more.

3. Google for Jobs

73% of job candidates start their search on Google. This makes Google for Jobs a prime opportunity for employers and recruiters.

Google for Jobs is different from most free job posting sites in that it’s a service rather than its own platform. It gathers data from other job posting sites to feature the roles that best align with the candidate’s needs. It’s completely free to use and doesn’t allow for sponsored job listings.


  • It can increase your visibility in job search engines.
  • Thanks to its specific, helpful job filters, it can allow you to attract more qualified candidates.


  • Google for Jobs doesn’t allow you to view a candidate’s profile or access a resume database like other sites.
  • You have to use third-party sites to access the service.
  • You’ll need to understand Google Analytics and structured data to fully access its benefits.

4. LinkedIn

With over 900 million members, LinkedIn is a powerhouse for finding quality candidates and connections. Unlike other free job posting sites, LinkedIn job posting can get your open positions in front of new candidates and establish your company as a thought leader in the process.

Yet, you can only post one free job listing at a time on LinkedIn. You’ll likely need to sponsor your job listings to enjoy its features.


  • The platform’s popularity and success can increase your candidate pool.
  • It’s great for sourcing low, mid, and high-level candidates.
  • It offers affordable pay-per-click sponsoring options to increase visibility.


  • You’re limited to posting one free job posting at a time.
  • There’s a high level of competition, making it difficult to succeed without sponsoring your job openings.

5. Jora

Jora is one of the best free job posting sites that caters to an international audience in over 30 countries. It’s comparable to Indeed’s interface but offers a much smaller candidate base. Employers can post up to 10 free job listings each month on Jora.


  • It can connect employers and candidates throughout the world.
  • It offers a U.S. career portal to allow employers to only focus on hiring local candidates.


  • It has less traffic and a smaller user base compared to other platforms.
  • No resume database for employers.
  • There aren’t many features for recruiters or employers to enhance their search.

6. Wellfound

You likely know Wellfound by its former name, “AngelList Talent.” As one of the top free job posting sites available, Wellfound specifically helps tech companies and startups attract new talent.

Wellfound offers free unlimited and paid plans for employers. So far, they’ve matched 6,000,000 positions and offer access to over 8 million tech-driven candidates.


  • Wellfound offers advanced search filters, helping you find the right talent.
  • Employers can access free applicant tracking and messaging tools to connect with applicants.
  • Great for remote job opportunities and application processes.


  • It’s limited to recruiting for startups and tech companies.
  • It offers fewer automated features compared to its competitors.

7. Ladders

It’s one thing to find candidates — but it’s another to find the right candidates. This is especially true for companies and recruiters looking to fill high-level positions. Ladders allows employers to connect with professionals looking for positions paying $100k or higher. As a whole, it offers free and paid job listing options.

  • It’s great for attracting experienced candidates.
  • It advocates for salary transparency.
  • Employers can receive notifications when there’s an applicant who fits their hiring needs.


Features and access are limited for free members, such as candidate contact information.
  • The platform has a high number of negative reviews.
  • The premium plan is more expensive compared to competitors.
  • The free job boards are only accessible for high-paying positions.

8. Learn4Good

On the opposite side of the job search spectrum, we have Learn4Good: One of the free job posting sites that focuses on creating opportunities for students.

As an employer, you can create a free account that gives you 20 listing credits to use over 6 months. You can pay to upgrade your account and receive more credits.


  • Learn4Good is great for recruiting students to fill entry-level positions and internships.
  • No credit card is needed to sign up.


  • The platform’s credit system can be difficult to understand.
  • Your number of credits limits the number of job listings you can post.

9. Jobcase

Jobcase has over 120 million registered candidates and 20 million unique visitors each month. It’s great for making quick connections and offers a community-like feel for candidates. Employers and recruiters can join Jobcase for free, but they'll need to pay to access its complete benefits.


  • Its specific job search algorithm only shows candidates the positions they’re qualified for.


Users have expressed difficulty when trying to delete filled positions.

  • The algorithm can be too exclusive; your listing might not be shown to as many applicants if your qualifications are too specific.

10. Hubstaff Talent

A recent survey found that nearly 1 in 3 remote employees would quit their jobs if they had to go back to the office — and almost 1 in 4 would take a 10% pay cut if they could work from home permanently.

Hubstaff Talent is a great resource for connecting potential candidates with employers for remote positions. As an employer, you can post unlimited free job postings and access helpful recruiting features.


  • It’s great for attracting remote-savvy candidates.
  • It offers free unlimited job postings.
  • Employers can easily contact and track applicants.
  • It offers a smaller candidate pool compared to its competitors.
  • It’s only helpful for filling remote jobs.

11. PostJobFree

The name speaks for itself: PostJobFree allows employers to post 10 free job listings each day.

The platform offers premium memberships, which unlock benefits such as access to applicant contact information and resume views.


  • You can post free job listings across job boards.
  • They offer a comparably affordable premium plan, making it great for small businesses.
  • It’s a long-standing online platform, in operation since 2007.


  • Job postings are not unlimited.
  • There’s no available applicant tracking system.
  • The site’s user experience isn’t as seamless and trustworthy as its competitors.

FAQs About Free Job Posting Sites


Can you post a job on ZipRecruiter for free?

No — ZipRecruiter doesn’t offer any free plans as of April 2023. However, they do offer a 4-day free trial. You can post an ad and work with any candidates you receive during this timeframe, free of charge.

Pricing plans start at $299 per month. This membership comes with customizable tools and templates to boost your talent search. However, ZipRecruiter has relatively fewer resumes in its database than other platforms.

Is there a site where people post looking for jobs?

Great question! Most career sites are designed to put employers in charge of the hiring process, ensuring they find the best talent available.

However, social-driven job posting platforms, like LinkedIn and Handshake, allow candidates to create their own content, reach out, and build their presence. You may find candidates seeking positions by searching the #opentowork, #jobsearch, #hireme, #jobseeker, and #jobsearching hashtags on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Find some creative job postings examples here. 

Is it free to post jobs on LinkedIn?

Yes, but it’s limited. You can post one free job at a time on LinkedIn.

Free job listings expire within 21 days of your post date. All free job listings will appear in LinkedIn’s search results, allowing you to receive, filter, and manage
your applicants. With the right job title and job description, you can find success in finding the best candidates.

However, free LinkedIn job posts can quickly become less visible in candidates’ search results. When you’ve hit a certain number of applicants, your free listing will be removed from the search results.

However, promoted LinkedIn job postings reach an average of 3x more candidates than free postings. They are featured at the top of search results, stay active until you close them, and receive unlimited job applications. Another alternative to LinkedIn job posting is Craigslist job posting

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The competition is high, and so are your candidate’s standards. Your hiring, onboarding, and integration experience can set the tone for a positive company culture and experience.

The workplace is always evolving. Adapt along with it, and watch your business grow. Empower your team, serve your customers better, and see your business grow with Workstream.

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