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    | 11 min read

    Simple and effective job posting templates

    Sample and Effective Job Posting Templates

    As a hiring manager, crafting an effective job posting is crucial in attracting the best candidates for your open position. No matter the industry or the type of job you’re actively recruiting for a poorly written job description can mean that your current vacancy falls on deaf ears. But with the help of professional job posting templates, you can easily learn how to craft an impactful job description designed to attract top talent. So, grab yourself a coffee and let’s get into the key elements to include when putting together a job ad.

    What Is A Job Posting & Why It Needs To Be Structured Well 

    Have you ever heard that quote from Steve Martin, be so good that they can’t ignore you? While it does apply to those looking to secure their first job opportunity, it can also apply to hiring managers. A job opportunity needs to position the company in the best possible light, accurately reflect the day-to-day duties, and encourage hopeful candidates to apply. But this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

    A solid job posting template should be easy to customize, guide hiring managers and recruiters on what to include within the body of the job listing and where to share the opportunity once it goes live. Because what’s the point of a well-written job description if it fails to get in front of the right type of candidate? 

    Key Elements For A Professional Job Description 

    So, let’s talk about the key elements you should include in a professional job description;

    Salary Expectation:

    Being transparent in your job description is going to make it far easier to find the right candidates to interview. As  Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer, explains, “Every company should be embracing pay transparency. By removing salary secrecy, employers can address potential pay gaps and ensure equal pay for equal work. Salary transparency empowers job seekers and employees to understand better what fair pay looks like for their experience and skills. In addition, employers see the benefits of a more productive and engaged workforce.” So always include the salary range as well as any bonuses that may be offered. 

    Experience & Skillset Required:

    Where it might be tempting to add ‘degree required’ to your job listing, first really consider whether the role really needs this. These days candidates may have a wealth of experience but not necessarily a degree. A candidate with experience has skills, training and knowledge that could result in an easy transition into their new role. They may be able to start work faster with no need for lengthy training. So if you’re looking for someone who can hit the ground running over new hires who requires training and in-depth onboarding then ditch the degree requirement and focus on years of experience and skillset within the job listing instead. Ideally, use bullet points to clearly show the criteria and skills required from potential candidates.

    Company culture:

    From autonomous to agile, what word best describes your work culture? Choosing the right words here can be the difference between a hire staff turnover rate and long-standing employees. Candidates want to know what it's like to work for your company, so refrain from using ‘family’ in 2023 and use terminology such as collaborative, innovative, empathetic, motivating and inclusive. But only if these terms really do apply to your team’s dynamic. 

    Job Perks:

    Another key element to include is job perks. In fact, this can be a major selling point for candidates. Apart from salary, perks such as flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, free gym memberships and a unique office environment can help attract candidates who are looking to join a company that has grand plans and exciting incentives. 

    Career Development Opportunities:

    Ambitious new hires will want to know that by joining your team, there is room to grow, so make sure to mention career development opportunities in a job ad. Things such as training programs or mentorship opportunities are all exciting prospects that should help encourage candidates with drive and future vision to apply for your new opening.


    You should also consider including an FAQ section that helps candidates understand whether they’re a good fit, what the role requires and what to expect by working for the company name.

    Sample Job Post

    Now let’s look at a possible sample job post to give you an idea of how you can easily incorporate all of the above elements into a job posting template for hiring managers to use.

    Role: (name the job title)

    Company: (add the company name and the industry it falls within)

    Salary Expectation: (List the base line salary for the role and what you would be willing to pay for a candidate with the ideal criteria and skillset)

    Location: (Name the office location or whether the role is hybrid, 100% remote or virtual)

    Job Perks: (Include any perks such as a free gym membership, flexible working hours, Wednesday Pizza day etc)

    Company Culture: (Describe the company culture as best you can within three words)

    What We’re Looking For: (Describe the ideal candidate based on skills, drive, and level of experience but don’t get personal)

    Invest In Your Future Career: (Explain how the right candidate would benefit from joining the company in regard to career development) 

    Always include clear next steps in any job posting template, such as contact information to send over a resume and cover letter, such as ‘To apply, please forward your resume or CV to (email address)’. This is the ‘call to action’ all job description templates need to secure job applications.

    There you have it, a well-crafted job posting template that hiring managers can easily use to put together a professional and effective job description.

    Job Posting Examples 

    Now you’ve put together a job description; it’s time to get it out there and in front of the right types of people. So let’s take a look at where you could share your job listing to.

    Traditional Job Post - Newspaper Publications

    Newspaper job advertisements were previously a common strategy for attracting local talent. Reaching a large audience was the aim, especially senior candidates who might not be using internet job search tools. But, newspaper ads can be pricey, and they might not be as successful as online job posts at reaching a diverse group of applicants.

    Digital Job Post - Job Boards 

    Posting jobs on online job boards has gained popularity in recent years. Employers can publish job descriptions on these websites to attract a big audience of candidates. Many of these sites provide alternatives for customised advertising that can assist employers in reaching particular audiences. Typically inexpensive, job boards can assist firms in promptly filling open vacancies.

    LinkedIn Post - Company Profile

    LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that has become a popular conduit for job advertisements. Posting job openings on your company's LinkedIn profile can assist attract individuals who are already familiar with your brand and are interested in your field. Furthermore, LinkedIn provides tailored advertising alternatives that might assist companies in reaching specific audiences.

    Facebook Post - Apply Via Email

    Employers can reach a vast quantity of potential individuals by posting job openings on Facebook. The social networking site permits firms to post job descriptions and encourages interested people to submit their applications via email. Facebook is particularly successful for businesses seeking to recruit people who are tech-savvy and may already have friends and family that work at the company. 

    Instagram Post - For Attracting Gen Z 

    If you're trying to snag members of the millennial and Gen Z generations for your team, Instagram is a great visual social media site to use. Employers can attract applicants to their job postings by using photos and brief descriptions that focus on the most important parts of the role. Instagram may also be used to show off corporate culture and give prospective employees a feel for working there.

    TikTok Video - For Showcasing Job Perks 

    TikTok is a short-form video app that has become popular among younger audiences. Posting a TikTok video to showcase job perks can be an effective way to attract candidates who are interested in a fun and dynamic workplace. The video can include shots of the office, interviews with current employees, and other creative ways to highlight the company culture and job perks. Just make sure to include details about the application process so those interested know exactly how to apply.

    People Also Ask

    How do you write a job posting?

    It’s best to use a job posting template to guide you and always provide important information in your job advertisements, such as pay, necessary skills, corporate culture, benefits, and possibilities for career advancement.

    What is an example of job posting?

    An example of a job posting would be a sales representative position requiring 3 years of sales experience, excellent communication skills, and a proven track record of meeting sales targets.

    How do you announce a job posting?

    Announce a job posting by sharing it on social media, posting it on your company's website, or sending it to your network via email. 

    How can I create a free job posting?

    You can create a free job posting on websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Google for Jobs.

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