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Announcing $60M to build people software for the deskless economy

  • By: Desmond Lim
  • On Sep 29, 2022 5:00:00 AM
29 min read

Announcing $60M to build people software for the deskless economy

We’re excited to share that Workstream has raised $60M, extending our Series B round to $108M. This is a big milestone in our mission to serve the deskless economy and to build the first people softwa...

Workstream Raises $48M Series B to Help Businesses Hire

We are thrilled to announce that Workstream has raised $48 million in Series B funding. This is a major milestone for the company—and the deskless workforce.  In July 2021, we helped local businesses ...

The great rehiring

This article was originally adapted from Desmond's LinkedIn post.

How Workstream Raised $10m in Series A Funding

This article was first adapted from Desmond's original post on LinkedIn.

4 Tips for Implementing Contactless Hiring and Onboarding

This article was originally published on Entrepreneur, and is adapted from Desmond's original guest post.  Is it just me, or is it a bit strange to watch a movie and see strangers shaking hands as the...

3 Ways Senior Living Groups are Changing How They Hire

I recently wrote an article for Senior Living News, discussing the hiring issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, and how these have impacted even senior living communities across the country. ...

Workstream in the News: Founder and CEO Desmond Lim on ABC7

Workstream co-founder and CEO, Desmond Lim, was recently interviewed on ABC7 News regarding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on different industries. Read more to learn about his insights, hirin...

Tips on Helping Out Hourly Workers During Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a massive financial downturn, impacting businesses and industries all over the world. In the US alone, roughly 6 million workers have lost their main sources of ...

From Hourly Worker to Harvard

Both my parents are hourly workers. My dad is a driver who has worked for the past 40 years delivering parcels for companies, while my mum helped him as she worked part time as a cleaner. My parents h...

4 Factors for High Turnover Rate in Assisted Living

When people think of industries with high turnover rates, they often assume that establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores have the hardest time holding onto employees - but t...

What you Need to Know About Drive Throughs Amidst COVID

As the national emergency that is the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, drive-thru testing is arriving all across the United States, with the first facility having opened in the hard-hit city of Seattle. ...

How an Immigrant Entrepreneur Fell in Love with Sales

Whenever you meet an immigrant entrepreneur, you would expect him or her to be technical, to be an engineer, or to be a product manager. I thought so too myself. I started out working as a Product Man...