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    Restaurant Hiring | 11 min read

    How Carl's Jr. Uses 30-Second Videos to Hire Faster in 2021 - Workstream Webinar

    Over the years we worked with many Carl's Jr. accounts and each one of them does have very specific needs depending on where they're located throughout the United States. However, one thing remains the same, everyone needs to find the great applicants, ask great questions to the applicants, move them to an interview and move them forward.

    In this webinar, we pulled in individual job descriptions and hiring processes from two different Carl's Jr. organizations to compare and contrast what they are doing in their hiring process.

    Which Job Boards to Use

    (01:04 - 03:06)

    • Workstream is integrated with 25,000 job boards.
    • On the basic Workstream package, GMs and owners are able to quickly post to ten free job boards.
    • Able to find the correct job board that best fits your needs. Our team will also provide recommendations on which of these 25,000 job boards resonates with you.
    • Even when you have multiple locations across different states, you will be able to search within these job boards to find something that centralize over to you.

    How to Use 30-Second Video

    (03:07 - 04:52)

    • Adapt your hiring process in the COVID situation by adding in an extra step in your hiring process to make an informed decision on who you would like to invite for an interview
    • Carl's Jr. added some great open-ended questions as well as the ability to upload a 30-second video.
    • They asked questions like why do you want to work for Carl's and this specific position to see how the applicant is communicating and presenting their thoughts. This helps Carl's to understand if they are a real applicant or are they just trying to check off a box in order to say that they're applying for multiple jobs.
    • Individual Carl's operators have been adding a new questions that says we want to meet you, record a 30-second video using your phone's camera. This is typically market optional but such a video helps Carl's operators to narrow down on the right people they would like to interview.

    How to do Online Onboarding

    (04:53 - 06:11)

    • Able to let your new team members watch specific mini videos to get them up and going before coming down for their first day at the job.
    • Workstream is able to facilitate online signing for documents such as W-4s and I-9s, as well as employee handbooks.
    • New members can also fill out their paperwork on their cell phones
    • You are also able to embed videos into certain stages. For instance, you can post a video on the proper procedure on wearing a mask and add a question to check if they understand the proper expectations of these new regulations.

    Workstream and WOTC.com Integration

    (06:12 - 07:14)

    • Workstream is integrated with WOTC.com to help Workstream users apply for the WOTC credits.
    • For each employee that you hire, you can claim up to $9,600 in tax credits and have up to 20 years to apply.
    • Check out the WOTC webinar that goes through this in detail.

    Workstream Demo - Carl's Jr. Account

    (07:15 - 20:14)

    • We have a dashboard that shows you the summary of the previous week - how many new applicants are coming in, how many new hires, how many positions are posted. You can also see your interview schedule for the day.
    • As you get more applicants into specific stages of the hiring process, Workstream will give you reminders like hey you have 10 people in the hiring pool stage, remember to move forward with them.
    • Compare and contrast the two different job positions - crew member and Carl's Jr. team member.
    • Crew member: job descriptions is very thin, clean and straight to the point. This yield a lot of great result during the pre-COVID period.
    • Workstream recommendation: Use a job description similar to the Carl's Jr. team member so that applicants can have some great information about who we are, some of the perks, and frequently asked questions. We have also seen great success with well-structured job descriptions in bullet points.
    • Workstream offers a fast hiring process because there's very little friction and it doesn't require human interactions.
    • In the application stage, you are able to move applicants automatically into the on-site interview stage after they fill out the additional information stage via Workstream's automation tools.
    • You can send reminders to applicants if they have not completed a stage.
    • Carl's Jr. team member position has a lot more stages in their hiring process as they structured it with their needs in mind. 
    • You are able to automate your hiring stages even to the scheduling interview stage.
    • Workstream also allows you to filter out applicants based on their answers. For instance, if you're looking for someone who can work on Saturdays, you can simply filter by that question and make a more informed hiring decision based on that.
    • You can either set your hiring process to be very fast by inviting applicants to an interview stage immediately, or build one that requires some human touch and have the visibility to personally move applicants into an interview stage.


    1. Can I use Workstream for free or do you have a free trial?

    • The answer is yes to both. So overall we do have a free version of Workstream that will be launched very very shortly and it's super exciting to be able to offer that to you, and do you have a free trial? And we do see both of those as a little bit different. As a GM you can definitely use Workstream for free. However if you're here representing your entire franchise, we do also offer free trials if you want to try it out for a few different stores so that you can see firsthand the individual power of Workstream. So depending on who you are, we have a fantastic way for you to try out Workstream.

    2. Do you have any templates?

    • Yes. If you are interested in working with us (Workstream) directly, we can provide you with a few templates. We typically stick to two templates that we will put together job description, job title and a hiring process similar to the second one where you ask we ask the applicant individual questions, they go into a hiring pool and then as a GM or a hiring manager you can move them into an interview stage. So that way you don't have a sudden flow of applicants into an interview stage. You're also more than welcome to use the other one as well by deleting that holding stage as well.

    3. How many applicants can I expect to get? I'm currently spending $200 to $500 per month on job boards. If we move that spend over to your job boards and post for free job boards, how many applicants should we expect to get?

    • At the end of the day, it really goes back to it depends. You know it really depends on where you are located as an individual and where your stores are located. Our number one recommendation is to first start off with Workstream using free organic. So for the first two weeks use that free and organic traffic to see how many applicants you're getting. After week two, that's when we recommend to put in individual spending for the different job boards you would like to target be it Indeed or one of the 25,000 job boards and the reason why I can't give you a clear answer because it really does depend on your area, the unemployment rate there, as well as a bunch of a lot of different factors but it's not uncommon to see 20 to 30 applicants come in. Again we definitely would like to look at those numbers together with you.

    4. Can I just tell you my current hiring process and can you move everything over for me? I'm not very good with tech stuff.

    • In these situations what we've noticed is you know our hiring process that we built works for the majority of our new clients and if they are any little things that you would like to add to the hiring process, we definitely can assist you with that as well, we have an amazing help articles located on top right hand side here and we also have a fantastic support team that is available seven days a week so that you always are covered no matter the day of the week.

    5. My district managers post jobs and GMs do interviews but I don't want GMs posting the jobs or changing any of the auto responses. Can we control that?

    • Yes. So here at Workstream you have different levels of permissions that you can use on with your staff. So coming in here into company and manage users, for example today I'm going to just add a brand new user. So maybe I'll just add myself, so here is where we have the roles and permissions. Now for the question that came in is you would set up your GMs to be team member positions. Team members will have the ability to login to Workstream, use text messaging and move applicants down the hiring process and finally set up with interviews but they will not have the ability to change any of the messaging and when it comes to the job description the automated text messages and emails or any of that sort that power will remain with the admin and super admin. On top of that we also you also have the ability to limit which departments they have access to. So let's say you have a staff or even a management or maintenance department. Well it's a little too much. In this case you can actually limit to the GM tab only access to staff and that way maybe they don't have access to the management compositions that can be available in feature.

    6. I'm a current Workstream customer and I'm only using Workstream at five of my stores. If I expanded to all 60 can I customize a hiring process and follow up with each store?

    • So definitely. So working closely with our success team, if you do if you do want to grow from 5 to 60, we have the ability to work with support and engineering to copy over all those positions all those individual locations and really help with that setup process as well as training. We want to make sure that we advise you on a fantastic hiring process for starters, replicate that and then train your team so that we build a cohesive package specifically tailored for you and that way you can roll this change initiative out with fidelity. If you are interested in that, definitely let your account manager or your success manager know.

    7. Great so do you guys have real time checks so I can have Workstream help me choose which job boards to post to.

    • Yes. So coming down here this is our intercom button and right now you can go in to send us a message, I need some help. Our amazing team Derma, Elleine, Dianne and Janina typically responds in no more than three minutes to really help you out but yeah this team is available seven days a week and if there are some questions that you did stumped them on and they always come back and ask the individual success team and as you can tell we did not prep for this and you can see that Derma is currently typing. 

    8. Alright so the next one is I'm relating to the hiring processes can i watch videos of applicants from my phone?

    • So in this case those videos end up being downloaded to your phone. We definitely recommend to use a work computer and from a security and fidelity standpoint we definitely recommend to do that. That also brings up another good point. We do have a fantastic app that is available to your GMs. So instead of coming in here to see what your schedule looks like you can log in to your phone using our app and you'll be able to see your schedule directly from the phone. 

    9. What is your average response time in chat? I've used TalentReef in the past and no one seems to respond to my questions. I'm looking for a service that could help me when I need to fill a role quickly.

    • As you can see in real-time as of last month our time to first responses are 1 minute and 50 seconds and we're really proud about the number because we want to make sure that we are definitely here for you. When it comes down to it you guys have very specific needs and you only have a very small timeframe to be able to even be on Workstream and we want to meet you there so that way that's the reason why we wanted to go after a really great support model to help you out.

    10. Okay so I often have just rescheduled interviews, do you have two-way messaging? I prefer managers don't use their personal phone numbers.

    • Perfect I think having or to reflect back into the previous question about those videos, that is a common thing that we do here from different Carl's organizations that they don't want their team members to be able to use their phone. Let's go back into the fake applicant Aaron in the Carl's team member position. So when you click on Aaron, this is more or less a one-stop shop when it comes to all things Aaron. This includes all of his information as well as messages, here you'll be able to see all the messages that you do send over to Aaron so I'm going to say thanks really quick and this will allow you to do a two-way communication with the applicant and notice that it's not just text message, it's also even emails as well so that way you can actually send a message two times in one shot and in this case let me move this out of the way. I do want to quickly show up. It looks like this has been expired already because we switched the account but if the applicant does not select the time as well, you can send them personalized messages as well as we have some automations. If you need to reschedule as well let me move over Aaron to next age actually. I'll go over here, move to stage. That way I can show you how we can reschedule as well very easily. Alright so I'm going to move Aaron to the next stage and I'm going to just grab my phone really quick and select the time to meet. Alright so when I go back to my text messages and select the time. So right now it does say that I have not submitted at a time. I'm going to go to my phone and I am currently using an Android phone and it allows me to select the time so let me select a time and go to confirm. If I refresh this page you'll notice that Aaron has been scheduled for an interview. Now again going back to the question, I can always come in here and say hey I need to reschedule that and it sends an automated message over to that applicant so that they can select a different time. Again I think I gave three answers here so number one, yes you can very easily communicate with the applicant the our phone app as well as the online portal here and also you can automate the process as well by just clicking on reschedule need be.

    11. Alright how can we contact you if there's any additional questions?

    • It's a great point or if you want a free trial. So let me go into workstream.us. Alright so when you come over here to our website just Workstream.us you'll be able to this is already pre-filled out for me so you can easily come in here put in your email and ask for a free trial and it's really that simple and if you also if you do have any additional questions, you're more than welcome to come here on our homepage as well and take a look and we definitely recommend to actually to get the free trial so that way you can speak with a live person immediately.

    Want to learn more about Workstream? Contact us today!

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