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Q&A with Alyssa, Account Development Lead at Workstream

  • By: Desirene Neo
  • On Mar 8, 2021 10:57:13 PM
30 min read

Q&A with Alyssa, Account Development Lead at Workstream

Do what you love, love what you do. At Workstream, we strive to build a team of passionate and humble individuals. Today, we turn the spotlight on our Account Development Lead, Alyssa Villarreal. Alys...

Video: Chick-fil-A Copes with Low Employment Rates

With Utah as one of the lowest employment in the nation, it was hard to source for applicants. Yet, in just the 2 months that Chick-fil-A has been with Workstream, they have published 4 new positions ...

Video: Jack in the Box Adds SMS and Screening Questions

 Philip Hsia, franchise owner of Jack in the Box, chats with CEO and Co-Founder of Workstream, Desmond Lim, about the challenges he faced in the hiring space as well as his top 3 favorite features of ...

Video: How Tin Pot Creamery Customizes Their Hiring Stages

Evelyn Scalora, CEO of Tin Pot Creamery and Amanda Wong, Financial Controller, talks about how their hiring process has been greatly streamlined into one platform, helping them save a large amount of ...

Video: How Pieology Uses Workstream to Filter Applicants

Tara Lindstrom and Jason Lindstrom, Pieology franchise owners, shared how Workstream managed to streamline their hiring process. This in turn helped their general managers save a ton of time, allowing...

Video: Coupa Cafe Automates Hiring

Camelia Coupal and Jean Paul Coupal managed to get rid of their previously cumbersome and manual hiring process ever since they started using Workstream.

Overcoming Common Pitfalls in Hiring Hourly Workers

Hourly workers can be a great asset to any business. Many establishments rely on their hourly workers to manage day-to-day operations, helping ensure that everything runs smoothly. Hourly workers are ...

Video: Sports Basement Hiring Process

There are roughly 550,000 sporting goods and hobby store employees at any given time, and that's just the tip of the retail industry iceberg. Approximately 3.5 million stores are in operation across t...

How to boost grocery outlet applicant flow

Many entrepreneurs struggle to recruit and retain employees, particularly in the food retail and grocery industry. There are roughly 4.8 million employees working in almost 40,000 establishments in th...

Video: The Halal Guys Uses Smart Screening to Hire Faster

Alex Andrewman, Director of Operations, and Louise, General Manager of The Halal Guys, shares how Workstream's smart screening helps prevent issues of phone tags. The Halal Guys franchise on-boarded w...

Ultimate Guide to Sourcing and Onboarding Hourly Employees

Finding qualified candidates is incredibly difficult. Even if you attract good applicants, there's so much back-and-forth to get them on the interview schedule. Then there are the no-shows, mistake hi...

Checklist for Employee Orientation

Employee orientation is the foundation of the onboarding process that will help your new employees learn more about the company, their job responsibilities, and co-workers. It is important that you gi...