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    Where to Find Hourly Employees: Making Recruitment Work

    As a Human Resources professional, recruitment is probably the first step in the execution of your staffing plan. Hiring the right hourly employees can determine the success of a business. So the biggest question is, where can you find quality hourly employees?

    Finding the right employees begins with using tools that can help you reach your target segment. Not all recruitment sources are created equal. A manager with ten years of experience and master's degree may not be seeking employment through the same avenues as a high school graduate who has never held a job.

    Here are 5 ways you can reach out to potential hourly job seekers to kick off your staffing plan.

    1. Post on Social Media

    Today, it is imperative that your company establishes and maintains an active social media presence. Nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide can be found on different social networks. For many businesses, it functions not only as a platform to reach out to potential customers and engage current clients, but it also showcases the company’s culture to reel in prospective employees. With that in mind, leveraging social media to advertise your job openings can help you reach a larger audience that falls within your target segment. At the very least, you'll be connecting with people who already know your brand and know what you're about. 

    Search Facebook for news pages or groups in your area. These are pages where locals come together to share events, discuss pertinent issues, and even buy and sell their own products. Posting to these pages and groups (if permitted) would be directly appealing to potential workers in the geographic area you are reaching out to.

    Most importantly, if you're using online channels to recruit, make things easy for your applicants. As most people are on mobile now, optimize your job posting to cater to this mobile view.

    Read more about how you can use social media to hire hourly workers here:

    2. Don't Neglect Your Community

    Hourly job seekers often prioritize jobs that are in close proximity to where they stay. To reach out to the community around you, you can place signs outside your store front. This works especially well if your store is located on a busy street and will get you higher visibility for your job advertisement. See how Cinnabon was able to utilize Workstream’s text-to-apply poster in order to reach more prospective applicants.

    Another method can be to place advertisements in public library bulletin boards and local newspaper channels that target your area specifically, allowing you to reach bigger groups of active job seekers at once.

    3. Use Online Job Boards

    Online job sites like Indeed and Craigslist are great for advertising your job listings. These job boards are visited by thousands of active job seekers on a daily basis.

    Read more in depth about how you can hire on Indeed and Craigslist. Workstream also allows you to post your job boards to multiple job boards at once. Chat with us to see how we can help you in your hiring process.

    4. Ask for Referrals

    Employee referrals are one of the best ways to source for quality hires. Chances are that your valued employee knows someone else who shares the same traits as themselves and hence, will be able to recommend someone that is the right fit for the job opening. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that up to 40% of the proportion of hires are generated by employee referrals - this makes employee referrals the largest source of new hires. 88% of employers also rated employee referrals as the best source of quality hires. The retention rate of these referred employees are at a high of 45%.

    You can also choose to incentivize your employees to get more referrals. For quality control to ensure that the recommended hires are the right fit, you can opt to make rewards payable only after the new hire has successfully completed the probationary period. Typically, there is a 2.6% to 6.6% increase in the probability of successful job matching under employee referrals.

    5. Through Educational Institutions

    High schools, colleges, and universities are teeming with potential hourly workers that are often seeking for a job during their term break to earn some extra cash. To reach out to this audience, businesses can reach out to school administrators to post job ads on campus or online boards.

    For businesses who are seeking semi-skilled employees, they can choose to reach out to specific schools that specialize in these skill sets. 

    Do not waste valuable time and resources searching for hourly workers who simply aren't where you are looking. With the proper recruitment tools, your company will be able to target applicants that are best suited for your job openings. With this crucial gear in place, you'll have a better-constructed and more efficient hiring process.

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    Desirene Neo

    Desirene is a marketer and content-writer of Workstream. She has been with the Workstream team for over a year and is based in Singapore.

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