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"Reduces time and effort in the resume review process, enables me to schedule interviews with zero effort. Quickly vet and interview candidates, which leads to filling positions quicker with less effort."

Nathan Overton, Director of Operations at Dalwadi Hospitality Management


Econo Lodge & Holiday Inn

Econo Lodge and Holiday Inn are well-known names in the hospitality industry - both offering comfortable, clean, easily accessible accommodations that are highly rated by families and solo travellers alike. With hundreds of locations under their belt, and given the nature of their business in having to provide stellar round-the-clock service, hiring can prove to be challenging, and turnover rates can be significantly higher for their hourly workers.

Dalwadi Hospitality Management is a respected hotel management company based in Houston, Texas with a quickly growing portfolio of impressive clientele, including Econo Lodge and Holiday Inn. Dalwadi offers comprehensive solutions for developing quality hospitality properties from start to finish, and helps clients see every project through from the very first seed of an idea to a fully developed property. From acquiring the land, building the site, and managing the property, Dalwadi Hospitality Management is a full-service hospitality management company.

With Workstream, Dalwadi and their clients were able to lower no-show rates and process applications faster.


Lack of Applicant Tracking System and High No-show Rates

Before working with Workstream, Econo Lodge and Holiday Inn, as well as other Dalwadi clients, needed the tools to help them track applicants as they move along the hiring process. Their hiring was made more time-consuming by the high no-show rates and lack of proper screening. They needed a tool that allowed them to reach out to more qualified applicants so that they could not only hire better, but also improve their efficiency by reducing no-show rates.

Dalwadi Family-1


Centralized Dashboard and Organized Hiring Tools

Nathan Overton, Director of Operations at Dalwadi, shares that they were won over by Workstream’s ease of use and the customizable features available on the all-in-one hiring platform:

  • All of Econo Lodge and Holiday Inn's applicants are centralized into one dashboard for clear reference to facilitate screening. 
  • With Workstream, Dalwadi Hospitality Management and their roster of clients was better able to filter for the best candidates by including customizable screening questions.
  • Workstream can be integrated with their hiring manager’s personal calendar. Candidates can choose which available slot they want for their interview with a tap of a button.

Dalwadi Workstream Dashboard


Reduced No-show Rates and Better Quality Applicants

Nathan and the rest of the Dalwadi team were impressed with Workstream’s platform. Nathan’s favorite feature? “I like the ability to quickly vet and interview candidates, which leads to filling positions quicker with less effort.” 

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 4 2-1

Econo Lodge and Holiday Inn have seen the following improvements:

  • 30% reduction in no-show rates, thus reducing the amount of time lost to waiting for such candidates.
  • Received better-qualified candidates after using Workstream.
  • Time saved in hiring, by drastically reducing time and effort in the resume review and interview scheduling process

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 4.47.52 PM-edited-1

In a nutshell: Dalwadi's clients have reaped the benefits of leveraging Workstream’s features. By using targeted solutions, they were able to see significant improvements in their hiring process.

Finding it hard to fill positions or source quality applicants? Workstream has worked with numerous clients in the hospitality industry, such as Westin and Marriot. Let us help you hire smarter and faster; schedule a chat with us today.