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“We receive 1,500-3,000 applications each month. Workstream’s automated messages and screening stages makes managing this huge volume possible. It enables us to focus on other important tasks associated with hiring. Our applicants comment on how organized we are and enjoy the immediate text and email responses. Workstream has excellent customer service; they created custom templates for our hiring needs. Thank you Workstream!"

Sheri Thueson, Recruiting Manager at Envoy America


Envoy America

Founded in 2015, Envoy America is the first national ride-sharing transportation solution designed specifically for the senior market. It helps seniors and the infirm stay independent and socially active without getting behind the wheel of a car. Envoy America offers door-to-door service, where Driver Companions not only drive, but also provide assistance and companionship at all points along the journey. This includes pushing a grocery cart, running errands, escorting clients to and from medical appointments, and more. They operate across 24 states and 300+ cities. 

Working hand in hand with Workstream, they were able to hire 980 quality candidates in just a year. How did they manage to do that?




Complicated Recruitment Process

Prior to working with Workstream, Envoy America had over 18 steps in their hiring process and handled between 1,500 and 3,000 job applications per month. With this many applicants and that many steps, organizing their candidates within the recruitment journey was difficult. They needed an applicant tracking system to help them streamline everything.

In addition, given that the company serves senior citizens, properly screening applicants is of paramount importance. Envoy America needed a software that is able to conduct background checks based on several criteria.


Automated Screening and Personalized Dashboard

Envoy America was won over by Workstream’s pricing structure, as well as the software’s ease of use and intuitive features. Working closely with a Customer Success team member, they were able to customize the platform and tailor it specifically to their hiring needs:

  • Envoy America utilized a popular Workstream integration with a background checking software, Checkr, which is able to filter out candidates who do not meet their criteria.
  • Customizing and presetting the number of steps in the software ensured that all applicants go through the same process. Customizable interview formats and onboarding also gave their hiring process a personal touch.
  • An app dashboard (accessible even via mobile) that enables monitoring over every aspect of the hiring process, including an applicant tracking system, was instrumental in cutting down on hours spent on their hiring.
  • Automated messaging helped Envoy America manage the large pool of applicants better and improved the candidate experience.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 9 (1)

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 9


Streamlined and Efficient Hiring

Ever since they started using Workstream, Envoy America has noted marked improvements in their hiring:

  • Saved up to 47 hours previously spent on hiring
  • Recruited 46 more quality candidates in a month compared to the previous period
  • Hired and onboarded 980 new employees in one year

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 9 (2)

To sum it up: With Workstream’s help, Envoy America was able to identify and remove redundancies in their hiring process, leverage technology to increase efficiency, and attract better-qualified candidates.

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