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Everything you need to build your hiring strategy

Of all the challenges of operating a business—and let’s be honest, even the joyful parts are challenging—maintaining a team of employees is among the greatest.
This makes sense: every employee is a human being with a unique set of experiences, needs, demands on their time, passions, interests and strengths. Yet hiring programs cannot be so personalized. Particularly in the
hourly workforce space, with constant high turnover, we need more workers, and we need them now.
So we end up in a steady pattern of filling vacant roles.
If it feels like your business spends more time hiring than it does serving customers, you are not alone. The monthly turnover rate for QSRs jumped from 135% in 2019 to 144% in 2021. That means for every 10 people on staff, more than 14 people leave the team each month.

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