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Hiring in Wichita Falls

 The hunt for dependable employees is on every company’s to-do list. Because people are the ones who drive businesses towards success, employees play a crucial role. For business owners looking for workers in Wichita Falls, this should not be an overwhelming task. To refrain from delays in the hiring process, make sure not to rely solely on traditional hiring techniques. 

 Before you begin the hiring process, we invite you to read this article. In the following sections, there is regional and professional information on Wichita Falls. Additionally, there are also local and online hiring resources that may be helpful. 

 Wichita Falls City Overview

 Wichita Falls is the seat of Wichita County in Texas. It is a city that takes pride in its rich history that dates back to 1882. Known as “the gateway to Texas,” Wichita Falls attracts many people for its annual events. Visitors experience the vibrant sense of community at St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Cajun Fest, and Legends of Western Swing Music Festival, among other events. Wichita Falls has a population of around 102,316 people and an unemployment rate of 4.7%. These figures give business owners a good pool of hourly workers for hire. 

 Wichita Falls Businesses

 The largest industries in Wichita Falls are healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, accommodation, and food services. Aside from these, Wichita Falls is also known for its flourishing arts, culture, and recreation scene. Some of the top spots to discover the history of Wichita Falls are The Museum of North Texas History, The Kell House Museum, and Hamilton Building. No trip to Wichita Falls will be complete without trying delectable food. This city offers many dining options from farm-to-table restaurants, local specialties, barbecues, and other flavors. 

 Hiring Resources in Wichita Falls

 The official website of Wichita Falls has a jobs board that employers and job seekers can explore. On this page, employers can use job description templates and post their job announcements. Similarly, job seekers can browse different full-time, part-time, and freelance job opportunities. 

 Also, you can opt to post in the local newspaper:


 Hiring Resources Online

 The internet has changed the way many companies conduct daily operations and business transactions. With the internet, many complex processes are made simpler and faster. In the recruitment field, online platforms such as ZipRecruiter have also made it easier for employers to search for employees. 

 Here is a list of a few more online hiring resources:






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Job boards
Posted on Indeed, Monster, Google, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter
Server for Pelican's in Wichita Falls. This is a description.

Serves customers and side work associated with this service


Hourly pay + tips.


  • Requires the ability to stand and move around for sustained periods of time
  • Some heavy lifting may be required
  • 18 years old+
  • Food handlers certification
  • TABC certification
  • ...Read more
Job boards
Posted on Indeed, Monster, Google, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Facebook
Host for Pelican's in Wichita Falls. This is a description.

Helps greet, seat guests, cleans tables and does various jobs related to that position to create a welcoming environment to guests.


  • Requires the ability to stand and move around for sustained periods of time
  • Some heavy lifting may be required
  • ...Read more
Job boards
Posted on Indeed
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN/LPN) - Get paid instantly! for Clipboard Health in Weatherford. This is a description.

There is demand right now for LVNs/LPNs to join our marketplace for nurses! You can be working as early as tomorrow! Joining today means getting access to premium shifts that typical agencies and recruiters ...Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about hiring in Wichita Falls

What is the best way to find and hire in Wichita Falls near me?
Online job boards are the best place to find qualified Wichita Falls applicants. Employers posting their Wichita Falls jobs on Indeed get about 15 applications from that board on average.
Which job boards should I post on to find Wichita Falls applicants?
You should post to multiple job boards at once. The most successful job postings for Wichita Falls are on Indeed – but on average, employers post to 15 boards at the same time, using tools like Workstream. Publishing to multiple job boards at once helps you get your first applicant in 8 hours on average, which is shorter than the average for Wichita Falls positions.
What's the best way to communicate with applicants looking for a role in Wichita Falls?
SMS has 88% open rates which is higher than phone call or Email. Text to hire today!
Is it OK to text Wichita Falls job applicants?
Hourly paid workers are actually more engaged when texting about jobs. We have found that text messages are 186% better than email at getting an applicant's response. Have a look at Workstream, which automates the process of texting and uses a phone number specifically assigned to your job post so you don’t have to use your personal phone.
Can I use a different phone number to engage Wichita Falls applicants via text message?
Yes, tools such as Workstream provide custom phone numbers that allow employers to engage with applicants through their tool without having to use a personal or business cell phone.

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