Workstream for Delivery Drivers

Drivers have lots of options, so it's essential you follow up with them before your competition. That's why we built Workstream! Send a friendly text message the second they apply. Automate the entire process from screening to training.

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"I was on the verge of selling Dlivrd because recruiting and onboarding drivers was so hard. Then I found Workstream. Honestly, I'm in awe. I recommend Workstream 3 times a week."

Chris Heffernan, Dlivrd Founder

Dlivrd food delivery service driver

"We recently expanded to Detroit and Tampa - wouldn't have been able to do that without Workstream. We received 1,400 applications in the first month!"

Aaron Hoffman, DeliverThat CEO

DeliverThat food delivery service driver

Your all-in-one platform

The features you need to go from job posting to fully trained in 70% less time.

WS 1ClickJob v1-0

1-Click Job Posting

No more tedious copy and pasting. We integrate with all the top job boards. All applicants funnel into one intuitive dashboard.

WS TextToApply v1-0

Text-to-Apply Posters

Print out your unique QR code and text message number. Applicants scan/text to see all open positions and apply right away.

WS AutomatedSMS v1-0

Automated & 2-Way SMS

Engage with applicants via text. Include links to screening questions, forms, and more. Use 2-way text to answer questions.

WS EndlessInte v1-0

Endless Integrations

Connect Workstream to your calendar so applicants can schedule interviews. Streamline onboarding with background check & HR integrations.

WS CandidateTrack v1-0

Candidate Tracking & Scoring

View all your applicants and employees in one place. Make notes on their progress. Access their docs anytime from anywhere.

WS Customizable v1-0

Customizable Templates

We provide templates for everything from job postings to offer letters. Send links to docs and tax forms via text message so new hires sign digital copies.

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