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Finding people qualified for industrial work is no easy task. Workstream’s software makes it easy to post jobs from your phone. Applicants can upload hiring docs and pics of forklift certifications via text message. 

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"Before Workstream, hiring felt like an endlessly tedious process. Now posting and onboarding is now automated. It’s so much faster!"

Laurie Zelinski, VP of Supply Chain and Distribution at Lasalle Bristol

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“In the past, we used emails to reach out to our applicants. Workstream speeds up the whole hiring process with text messaging and easy interview scheduling!”

Sandra Ma, Recruiting Operations at Blue Bottle

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Diversify & Collaborate

Adapting in a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire economy. Learn how can manufacturers like yourself adapt in this situation.

Orientation Checklist

Helping New Hires Succeed

Here we've compiled an essential guide for new employees: tips for introducing new hires to co-workers, giving workplace tours, reviewing key policies, checking equipment, and gathering feedback.

Writing a Job Offer

Hiring Tips

Writing a job offer letter is an art. In this article, we share the tips of what makes a great offer letter specially tailored to the manufacturing industry.

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