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Fill your open roles in a fraction of the time

Hiring hourly employees today is challenging… but not for people who have the right technology. Let Workstream do the heavy lifting for you.



Hire faster—and with less effort

Take the busy work out of hiring by automating the steps that consume most of your time—and slow your candidates from applying.

  • Reach more candidates by posting your open role to 25,000+ job boards and manage all in-coming applications from a single mobile app dashboard.

  • Remove friction from the application process by giving candidates the ability to apply via text.

  • Engage qualified candidates via automated SMS texts and predetermined workflows that prompt candidates to self-schedule their interviews, remind candidates of upcoming interviews and allow you to share important information about your company.



Onboard new employees (without touching a sheet of paper)

Quickly and digitally collect all the paperwork you need to officially turn a candidate into an employee.

  • Send your candidate an automated text with a link to important documents, including their offer letter, HR docs, W-4s and more.

  • Collect and store electronic signatures.

  • Automatically alert your new hire if paperwork is incomplete so they can pick up where they left off.

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Streamline workflows by integrating with your HRIS

Share data from Workstream with your other HR platforms.

  • Integrate Workstream with background check vendors, e-signature services and HR/payroll platforms for improved efficiency.

  • Quickly share and store important documents with your key HR platforms and tools.


With Workstream, Taziki's reduced their application-to-hire timeline to about three days.


Workstream gives me the opportunity to be on multiple job boards, and because of that, we've been able to hire over 30 employees in our first three months—and we're seeing better applicants as well.

Dale Patton

Director of Operations and Marketing, Round Table Pizza franchisee


For someone like me, at an upper level, it's great to use Workstream to navigate all of the stores, and look to see who's hiring and who's applying.

Amanada Ristic

VP of Operations at OM Group, Dunkin' and Baskin Robbins franchisee


I love that applicants can schedule, reschedule and cancel their own interviews. It saves me SO MUCH TIME because hiring has organized itself.

Tara Lindstrom

Jamba, Pieology, Carl's Jr. franchisee

Hire and onboard
hourly employees. Faster.

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