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Workstream for Restaurants

Screen applicants to find people who are genuinely interested. Identify applicants who can save you up to $9,600 in WOTC tax credits. Automate the entire process of scheduling interviews and onboarding with text message automation and 2-way texting.

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  • McD
  • FedEx
  • Grocery outlet
  • Jamba
  • Subway


Integrated Job Boards


Hiring Managers


Applicants Screened


Text Messages Sent

What Users Love About Workstream

"I placed an ad at 8 o'clock on one night, by 8 o'clock the next morning, I had 34 applicants. And by two days later, we had eight brand new hires in the store."

Greg Reheis, Cinnabon


“I was very reluctant to demo Workstream. I’ve been in HR 20+ years and used a lot of software before. I am very impressed with Workstream’s ease. All I have to do is click a button to post a job and I manage everything from my phone!”

Penny Bowers, HR Manager at Dream Dinners

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dream dinners

With Workstream, hiring and onboarding organizes itself. I love that applicants can schedule, reschedule, and cancel their own interviews. It saves me SO MUCH TIME.”

Tara Lindstorm, Pieology Franchise Owner

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Restaurant Ready

Protocols & Guidelines

Food hygiene is extremely important in such a pandemic. Equip yourself with the knowledge of the right protocols and guidelines to ensure your restaurant stays clean and safe.

Two-Way Texting

Hiring Tips

Text-messaging has evolved to be one of the fastest ways of communication. Learn how you can make use of SMS to speed up your hiring process by 10x and reduce ghosting.

WOTC Benefits

What You Need to Know

Who is eligible for the WOTC, how can I apply for it? In this article, we share in the details of what you need to know about WOTC and how it can help you.